2022 Spring Seminar Presentations

Corey Conrath | Medications' Adverse Reactions, Risk Stratification Model (MAR2S)

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Curt Grob | Computer Modeling Infectious Disease Transmission

Ambica Nakhasi | Employee Health Inequity: Best Practices for Educators of a Minnesota School District

Robert J. Barth | Work-Relatedness: The Standard Method for Causation Analysis

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Tomas Kibby | So You Want to Start aPreventive Medicine Residency?

Kevin P. Vlahovich | The Legacy of the Uranium Industry in the Southwest

Kristi E. White | Climate Change, Sustainability, and Health Psychology: Co-benefit Interventions for Improved Health

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Emily Bannister | Starting a New Solo Practice

Shawn Olson | Lifestyle Medicine: The Art and Science of Empowerment

Beth Baker | Environmental Medicine