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Thank you for visiting the CSOEMA website.  I hope you find it helpful in learning more about CSOEMA, which I believe to be the finest component society in ACOEM.

 John D. Kuhnlein DO, MPH, FACOEM

John D. Kuhnlein DO, MPH, FACOEM CSOEMA President

It is an honor for me to serve as CSOEMA’s president and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  The strength of CSOEMA is its membership, and CSOEMA’s membership is among the finest of any professional society.  There are many talented and gifted people who comprise CSOEMA’s membership, as you will see as you explore our website.  I believe the strength of any organization is measured by the people who make up the organization, and I believe that CSOEMA is a very strong organization because of the talents, the hard work, and the willingness of CSOEMA members to contribute their time and energy to make our organization stronger yet.

If you are not yet involved in CSOEMA, I would encourage you to become more involved.  Your participation in CSOEMA activities will help make our organization stronger yet, and you will benefit from the educational opportunities and professional camaraderie.  I would encourage you to attend our meetings if you have not done so to become more familiar with us and I hope to meet you at one of our upcoming meetings.

John D. Kuhnlein DO, MPH, FACOEM CSOEMA President